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I love your product! I'm amazed at how superior your vanilla is! - Des, Daily Grommet

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As a member of a number of culinary organizations, I’m always excited to see the wonderful array of cookbooks that fellow culinarians publish each year. Getting a coveted review in the New York Times or making the  holiday short lists in the national press can elevate some lucky authors to magnificent sales and notoriety, but [...]

Sites We Support Hits Bread for the World Collective Christian voice urging nation’s decision makers to end hunger home and abroad. 514 NextCourse Improving the health of the community through collaborative programs that inspire people to purchase,cook, and eat locally grown food. 660 Sociologists Without Borders Sociologists worldwide who are committed to human rights and [...]

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Sites We Support Hits Greater Good Selling artisanal and other goods to fund a variety of important causes. 648  Care 2 Advocating for a greener, healthier world. 496  Intarsia Concept Supporting the development of creative entrepreneurs and their businesses. 754  Better World Books Donates 10% of profits for protection of the Invisible Children of Congo/Uganda. [...]

Sites We Support Hits World Pulse Global issues through the eyes of women. 517 The Women’s International Perspective, Inc. Global source for women’s perspectives on news, global opinion and commentary. 1069 Global Women’s Leadership Network Training and advocacy for women leaders worldwide. 625 Building for Generations Establishing programs for special needs children in developing countries. [...]

Hits Heifer International Training and support in agroecology and animal husbandry. 611 American Farmland Trust Saving the land that sustains us. 513 Global Exchange Membership based human rights group dedicated to bringing social, economic and environmental justice worldwide. 461 NextCourse Improving the health of the community through collaborative programs that inspire people to purchase,cook, and [...]

Sites We Support Hits Business.com How to create a socially conscious business. 984 The Women’s International Perspective, Inc. The global source for women’s perspectives on news, world opinion and commentary. 572 World Pulse Global issues through the eyes of women. 540 Institute of Noetic Sciences Nonprofit membership organization that conducts and sponsors leading-edge research into [...]

Sites We Support Hits Amnesty International 2050 Human Rights Watch Human rights resource. 1947 Humanity United Working to end modern day slavery. 1096 American Refugee Committee Opportunities and training for displaced peoples. 519 International Crisis Group High-level advocacy to prevent and resolve deadly conflict. 524 International Medical Corps Humanitarian group dedicated to saving lives and [...]

Sites We Support Hits Kiva Site that supports small businesses in developing countries. 486 Gexsi Financing for small projects in developing countries. 793 Opportunity International Assists with microfinance and training to break cycle of poverty. 512 Lending Promise Micro-finance for women in Nepal and India. 619 Accion Provides microfinance loans to men and women worldwide. [...]

Sites We Support Hits Rain Forest Alliance Information, resources, members’ information and projects dedicated to protect Earth’s disappearing rain forests. 536 Eco-tourism Eco-travel information. 530 Servas Servas connects travelers with potential hosts around the world. 2543 Inside/Out Connects visitors to humanitarian adventure travel blending travel excitement with helping communities. 793 Nancy Zaslavsky Nancy’s site with [...]

Hits Marine Conservation Biology Institute Marine conservation information and resources 3109 Union of Concerned Scientists Updates, newsletters, petitions and detailed environmental issues. 2829 Organic Consumers Association Information, updates, petitions and newsletters pertaining to organically grown products. 420 Oceana Information, updates, petitions and issues pertaining to Earth’s oceans. 504 Environmental Working Group 475 Environmental Defense Fund [...]

Hits International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) Networking and resource organization 526 San Francisco Professional Culinary Association (SFPFS) Networking and resource group for culinary professionals 534 American Personal and Private Chef Institute and Association Professional Organization for Personal Chefs 558 International Culinary Institute (PCI) Culinary training for professionals in Campbell, California 633 Baker’s Dozen Professional [...]

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Shop Wholesale at Vanilla.COMpany ANYONE can buy in “wholesale sizes” at wholesale prices here at the Vanilla.COMpany. Vanilla Extracts Vanilla Sugars Vanilla Beans Vanilla Powders Vanilla Paste Books Why buy Rain’s Choice vanilla products? The Vanilla Queen purchases vanilla beans directly from vanilla farmers whenever possible. Our vanilla beans are sustainably grown and the farmers [...]

Double Ginger Ice Cream From Bite Size Desserts Courtesy of Carole Bloom, www.carolebloom.com This recipe uses candied ginger puree, available from the Ginger People: www.gingerpeople.com Ingredients 1 cup milk (whole or 2%) 1/2 cup (3-1/2) ounces granulated sugar 1 extra large egg yolk, at room temperature Pinch of Kosher or fine-grained sea salt

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99% of vanilla fragrances and flavors are actually artificial.We can change that. If we purchase only products using pure vanilla all the time, and if we encourage our family and friends to do the same, hundreds of additional farmers will grow vanilla. this means thousands more children can go to school, have enough to eat and have medical care. Be part of the 1% Solution. Buy only pure vanilla!
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